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ih150 Running, but not detected

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I decided to swap my motherboard and upgrade my PSU in preparation for a 3080 finally having shipped. I didn't really need to swap anything, this is a fairly new build but I simply wanted to returning an MSI board and 750w PSU.


I swapped to an Asus Maximus XII Hero and an 850w Thermaltake Platinum.


Swap went pretty seamless, except when first powering back up the pump was flashing red and seemed that the pump was starting/stopping. I troubleshooted this down to replacing the sata connector from the old PSU to one that came with the new PSU. Once that was done, everything started working -- mostly.


The fans on the watercooler are operating at 100% and the pump is running (though doesn't appear to be at max) but it's not lit at all. The cpu is staying cool. A couple 2-4 random leds are lit on the fans connected to the same commander core.


Windows doesn't show it in device manager. iCue never detects it. I've tried swapping USB headers with other working devices, pattern continues and the other devices work fine in the others header.


I uninstalled anything Asus. I disabled Aura. I completely reinstalled iCue.


It's worth noting I have another Corsair RGB hub operating the exhaust fans -- those are detected and working just fine and continued to work when swapping usb headers with the Commander Core.


I'm at a loss.




After a MB swap, iH150 runs, but not detected by Windows/iCue

Fulls speed fans. Seems to be normal pump speed.

Pump leds off. Only 2-4 random single leds lit on the fans attached to commander core.

No combo of usb header swaps, software reinstalls, asus uninstalls, aura disable seem to help.



Any ideas? I'd hate to have to replace the whole thing -- with the change of a new one potentially matching this same problem.

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