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RM850X Buzzes with car inverter not ac

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Let me clarify something firstly.


This powersupply works FINE. Yes I'm serious, 100% works fine.

NO BUZZING (cough... when using 120v AC from wall).


On a unique project of mine, and that I'm having to be alone, I'm building a brief case (itx board, 16gb ram, 1800x cpu, win 10, gt 710 2gb) all this for telescope camera lol) computer using this powersupply.




I'm planning on hooking this up to a car inverter, when I do use it on inverter it makes a buzzing noise, similar to a fan blade hitting something.


Does anybody have any thoughts on whats going on? :confused:

Inverter is a Cobra 800w inverter.


(edit). This power supply is beyond over kill for what I need. I am planning on finding a much smaller unit, just this is what I have for now to use. thx.

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I had similar issues with a "car inverter". I wasn't trying to power PC components with it but the effects should be similar.


What I found is that there are inverters with "sine wave" or "true sine wave" output which is something you will want to look for in a project like this.


The science behind it is that "cheaper" inverters have a output with a rectangular AC and not a sine wave like the wall outlet has.

Sensitive electronics (like a PC PSU) need the AC to be in a exact wave form to function properly.


Let us know how it went.

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