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ROG Helios 601 Case - Hydro X Fan/Radiator Configuration


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Hello. Lot's of contradicting information i've been finding.


I have a Hydro X system in my ROG Helios 601 Case. I have a radiator at the top with two Fans underneath it pushing air up and out of the case.


I have a separate fan by itself in the back pushing air out of the case.


I have a few questions.


Should the front radiator and three fans in the front be an intake or an exhaust? Keep in mind the front is permanent glass and has limited exhaust potential.


Should the fans in the front sit behind the radiator or in front of it?


Here is the configuration but the fans are setup differently in this image: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/custom-cooling-configurator?configCode=9gagYI

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