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warranty form going to a dead link?

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Hey team there at corsair.


iv been trying for the last few days to get a warranty claim put in to you for a single LL120 fan thats just not working, but i fill in the form and on hitting submit it takes me to a help.corsair link that is just a blank page and doesnt go anywhere.


any help i can get with this.


hoping to organize this RMA with you asap as im meant to be rebuilding again this week and my parts supplier has told me they need ALL the fans brought in to be sent off. which is inconvenient....


(especially after) i have just gone through a 4 week replacement of a PSU.




quick explanation here of the issue at hand.

after spending nearly 2 years being lazy thinking i had mis wired something with the fans but not wanting to do a full teardown of the system i came across a forum post where they explained the RGB component of the LL120s was in series and if there was any that was faulty none after it would work.


so i wondered, "goddamnit if its the first fan thats knackered maybe its been stopping the rest"


fan1 had in 1 spot a faint red glow but never anything more. all the rest never turned on. anyway, i decided ill swap fans 1 and 6 over on the RGB hub, and BOOM.... 5 now work and onle fan 1 is dead :(



i look forward to sharing the new build using all that lovely corsair watercooling parts that iv got to pick up monday!!!


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