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Icue 3.37.140 Vengeance RGB Pro ram not same brightness


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I installed the updated Icue 2 days ago and I have noticed that the rgb lights on the centre area of the 2 sticks in my set are showing differently to the rest on the sticks. The lights in the group are bright/dark/bright/dark so its overall appearance is different to rest. I have it on dark blue right now as it is the color scheme where it is least noticeable


The 2 sticks in this photo are both meant to be dark blue, not have a slightly lighter middle area- I would link to photo but it seems too big in the preview?



I did have RGB Fusion on PC just to change the rgb strip on motherboard but I have since removed it.


Fairly sure this only happened after I updated Icue. Earlier today I did notice that the RAM wasn't listed in Icue at all but I restarted PC to fix that.

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extra info - I use the static colour choice under custom

If I swap to multicolour, I can see that the dark areas I am seeing are the gaps between the colour zones. I couldn't see these before, it was all uniform.

PC was only made in August. I can't see this is a physical thing as it is the same thing on both sticks.

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