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ICUE problems


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Since i swapped out my old h100 cooler to a h115i pro ive been having problems.

I was hoping i could still use Link since its so easy and minimal, but no...

Icue was the only option, icue is trash, degrades performance (3D mark shows 200-400 points less with icue installed) and just piles on non essential stuff ontop.

So i thought i would make a profile and just remove the damn thing.

It does not work no matter what i do, looked up ever solution i could find but no proper fix.

The fans has to either stay on Extreme so my CPU wont go above 70 in games.

Or Balanced which does nothing, even tho ive specified it to ramp up after hitting 65C.


Can we PLEASE get a lightweight version of icue simply only for fan controll, i dont care about RGB or the other crap piled on.

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