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iCue on MacOS disables mouse back button & Co

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I just installed iCue on MacOS (I have it on Windows and all works fine).

Nevertheless, on MacOS, the RGB profiles work but the back button, forward, etc (everything except the two main click left and right buttons) are basically dead. As soon as I quit iCUE software, the RGB profiles are gone (back to rainbow) but my buttons work.

Any reason why? How can I have both functionalities? :) Thanks!

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Hi lilnodame,


It sounds like the lighting is set as software lighting, and the actions are hardware actions. That would account for why one function works with iCUE running, and the other not.


If you need some direct guidance on getting this set up, please open a ticket with support using the link at the top of the page, and include screenshots of your action and lighting configurations in iCUE for the most expedited service.

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