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Corsair Dark Core RGB Swollen Battery

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Lately i've noticed my Corsair Dark Core RGB isn't holding a charge and i would get anywhere from 30 - 60 mins of use and i'd have to put it on a charge.


As the mouse is out of Warranty, I decided to disassemble the device and I have confirmed the battery has become swollen which of course will cause the issue.


I have managed to find a spare battery on eBay which I will be ordering at the end of the month but it kinda makes me regret buying a new mouse!


Anyone else come across the same issue.



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yup, mine past the 2 year mark and coincidentally the battery decided to hold only 1 minute of charging now. i took it out and look at that. cheap china battery brand that doesn't exist anywhere in google. It's probably why corsair don't recommend replacing it, because they know of the poor quality oem battery. original battery replcament cannot be found anywhere in the web.


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