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Problems with Mouse and Keyboard


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I got a MacBook Pro (M1) a couple days ago. It is running MacOS 11.1 Big Sur. I am trying to use my old K95 RGB keyboard and Scimitar mouse with it.


Both the keyboard and mouse have the latest firmware.


I successfully installed the iCue software and the keyboard and mouse basically work, but I do have two problems.


1. Neither are recognized by iCue after I reboot the laptop until I unplug and then replug them in -- after doing that they show up in iCue...until I restart the laptop.


2. I can program the G Keys in iCue, but they don't actually do anything. For example, I have G18 programmed as a keystroke shift-F8 (my push-to-talk key for Discord) but it doesn't do anything when I press it. I have used this set-up for years (on my PC), so I know that is at least set up in iCue correctly and *should* work. If I manually press the actual shift-F8 key combo in Discord that works fine, so I know it's not something I'm doing wrong in Discord.


Any ideas or recommendations appreciated!


Thanks, Marc

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