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ICUE Delets Fanprofile


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Hello people,


I turn to you now full of despair, just see no light at the end of the tunnel.


so my problem, now ICUE has already deleted the third time my fan profile.

Unfortunately, I also nowhere in the folders where the profiles are stored to make me a backup.


are there any ideas?


My fan Corsair LL120 9x + Commander Pro



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I have been having this same problem with the most current and previous version of iCue, both before and after a very recent clean Win10 Pro clean install with one version of all current drivers. It happens at random. I usually only used the balanced fan profile for daily use but after swapping to a new case used the included fans for push/pull on the h115i Pro and created a new fan profile so the new LianLi fans match the speed of the Corsair AIO fans at all temperature changes, so it's possible the problem existed before. However, the Default profile is also switching all 3 performance settings of the AIO to Quiet when this occurs and I don't ever remembering that happening in the past. Was Quiet ever the default for both fans and pump on the h115i Pro RGB?
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In my case all iCue profiles default and created remain, but custom fan curves disappear and applied fan and pump curves for all profiles default and created revert to default which now seems to be Quiet for all devices.


It seems very similar to what Macro users are seeing with macros constantly vanishing and needing to be created from scratch. I have not setup any macros with my latest K70 MK2 SE so can't confirm.


I have h115i Pro and lighting node only, no commander core or pro and am not getting any USB disconnects. I am getting odd OS freezes only when using any version of Netflix where my iCue devices that are all dark suddenly light up to their hardware modes, the start menu works when pressing Win key, task manager can open but actions including power>reset, shutdown don't work and a hard reset is required. No problems with benchmarks, games, memory errors and OCCT pushing 500W. When this occurs my iCue profiles and fan curves remain as I set them upon hard reboot, I only raise this detail because the iCue service appears to stop working during the freeze.

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