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K55 loses light effects when Dark Core RGB Pro is unplugged?

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Okay so I think this will make me turn crazy.


So I just built a new pc, everything is new, including keyboard (K55 RGB) and mouse (Dark Core RGB Pro), and a fresh Windows 10 Pro installation.


At first everything seemed to work perfectly fine. Until I opened iCue and started to configure lighting effects.


I created lighting effects for the keyboard and for the mouse, trying my best to make these to match their colors (idea for a useful feature here: the possibility to save frequently used colors so you don't have to manually copy and paste every value every time).


When the mouse is plugged with the USB cable, all works perfectly fine.


But when I unplug the mouse, using either bluetooth mode or the Corsair dongle, the keyboard loses the customized light effects, and instead show a static full red that I cannot change in any way.


From there, if I try touching anything in iCue, a lot of weird things start to happen :

- Most of the time the mouse goes in static red too, just like the keyboard... But only on some parts (the wheel and the corsair logo), while others ("side accent" parts) keep the customized effects ;

- Very often iCue just crashes and I have to relaunch it manually ;

- Even worse, sometimes iCue seems to block the left click on the mouse, then it's a nightmare to just click on anything. And restarting iCue changes nothing. Logging off windows does not either. I have to restart my whole pc just to have the left click working again.


If I plug the cable back into the mouse nothing changes : the red color stays.


The "workaround" I use from there : I have to manually close iCue from the task bar => then the keyboard sets himself to the default "rainbow wave" and the mouse to the custom hardware effects i stored => then I relaunch iCue => then the keyboard have custom effects again.


So yeah, everything works fine with this brand new hardware, except that if I want to unplug my mouse I have to accept that the keyboard lighting (and maybe the mouse lighting too) will just go to full red, and that if I want my custom lights back I MUST plug the mouse again and relaunch iCue as explained above...



Seriously iCue seems a piece of garbage software. I cannot count the times when it crashed since I use it (a couple of weeks). It makes me wish I didn't put extra money in these "gamer" crap. A good old basic keyboard and a good old basic mouse would not have cost me so much time. I have better to do than spent HOURS on that kind of nonsense, and yet I'm still there, looking for help, creating an account with a custom password, clicking on the confirmation link in the email, writing that post... Soooo much time lost for nothing :[pouts:


A mouse and a keyboard should be the simplest pieces of hardware you have on a pc build. Thanks to Corsair that's now rocket engineering.



Sorry everyone for the rant part of this message but I had to let it go. If anyone here can help me with that it would be like a dream come true.






Edit : I forgot to mention that I already try to uninstall and reinstall iCue. Nothing changed, I have the exact same problems and bugs with no difference.

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