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Query on H100i RGB wiring

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I recently purchased a new PC from PCS (UK). I have a question about the way the RGB wiring has been installed.

I have posted this on the PCS forum but had no responses.


Case: Corsair 220T – with 3 front fans and a 6 way lighting controller.

Cooler: Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM. I believe the radiator has 2x 120mm ML Pro.


Lighting controller:

Port 1,2,3 connected to the front case fans – all working ok.

Port 4 has a connection. Using the iCue software, this controls both of the radiator fans

Port 5 as a connection but I cannot work out where it goes.


Within iCue I can see the CPU cooler but when I define the fans connected, there is no control over them.

But, using port 4, I can control both of the fans on the radiator.

And, if I set fan#4 to some of the basic colour settings, both fans show the same thing - this makes sense as they're on the same connector

But if I pick a colour wave, then it moves between the two fans. Does the controller know that there are multiple devices on one port?



Q: Should the radiator fans be wired to the CPU cooler, and be controlled via iCue as part of the cooler?

Q: Any idea why port 5 of the controller has a connection if I cannot control anything from it? The wiring is very tidy and tight so difficult to trace cables.

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