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4000D Airflow and Arctic 280mm AIO on top


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Hello guys


As the title of the post says, im concearned about fitting the arctic liquid freezer 2 280mm on the top part of my case. The radiator plus the fans are 6.5 cm thick (2.55 inches for my american friends) and just by eye sizening it (which can admittedly be wrong) looks like it won't fit due to the top vram heatsink of my motherboard would collide with it. Im afraid that even the ram slots (trident neo z) would actually touch the fans as soon as they'd start spinning.


Does anyone know if i will be able to? I'd really like to know before i go and unplug and open up my pc just to measure a small gap lol.


Thank you all in advance, and please be all safe during this tough time <3

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Your ram might collide with the cooler. You can see a build by Pauls Hardware here using one of our AIO coolers and just be able to clear his RAM:


The best option would be to mount your AIO in the front of the case where there definitely will be enough clearance.

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