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Can someone share photos of CORSAIR DOMINATOR Platinum Airflow RGB LED Memory Fan?

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I've been trying to get photos to understand how long the cables are, what kind of ends they are and how I'm going to connect them to my system which has 2 lighting node pros, lighting node core and commander core.


Any pictures that you can share of this device would be awesome. I bought one off of ebay, so I don't now what to expect of it.


The seller said he plugged it into the motherboard, which didn't sound right to me since I heard it plugs into the lighting node pro.


He showed me a receipt and ensured it is the CMDAF2.


Corsair doesn't have a instruction booklet online for me to download to read.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi buddy... here are the 2 connections.


one RGB 3pin and one PWM




the cables them selves are long enough to reach over the top of your mobo and into the back of your case..


roughly. PWM cable is around 20cm and RGB is around 25CM. and the kit also come supplied with a RGB ext cable.


and the user prob had it powered from his motherboard (make it spin)

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