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Problems with Hard Drive? i165 says SMART cannot run

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Hey everyone. First i need to say i am a beginner when it comes to PC. I have owned my i165 for almost a year and recently i was having some issues with my PC. I ran the Corsair Diagnostics specifically on one of my Hard Drives which is


- ST2000LM015-2E8174


Everything seems to go okay until it gets to the "Smart Extended Self Test"

and Smart Thresholds Test- 2


It takes forever to complete the diagnostics at this point and once it is done it says "Cannot Run" Now.. Does this type of hard drive not allow it to be SMART tested? I have no idea what it is and when i reached out to Corsair they said it was a concern ]that it shows "cannot run" I have some attached things to show you what i am talking about. Thank you.





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