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conexant HS60 pro problem

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first of all my english aint good because im a dutch guy,


but since today ICUE patched to newer version,

after the update i see that in ICUE my headset is removed from the list,

i go look @ playback settings and i see conexant usb audio...


lot of people have this problem if im looking it up on google, but none of the topics have answer on how to fix this problem.


so in the screenshot i put(i know its in dutch) in place of CONEXANT USB AUDIO, it was HS60 PRO HEADSET before the update since then my audio cracks my mic does not work....


plz help after 3 hours of nothing im bit pissed that i swapped from Logitech to this, atleast logitech worked for 3years....


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Hi Dang3r0us,


Sorry to hear about the issue you've encountered. Another user's fix is quoted below - might be worth trying.




Thank you to the user Hobyst on the linustechstips forum for basically pointing me in the right direction from reading his solution.

Make sure you have Icue installed before doing this. Plug in your headset before proceeding


So basically device manager/sound and video game controllers/


right click conexant audio /properties/driver/update driver


select browse my computer for drivers


select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

Uncheck show compatible hardware


Go to the left pane and scroll down to corsair It should look like



Select your device from the right pane


Click next


you're done ( doing so will overwrite the Conexant driver)


make sure to re-select your corsair headset under the volume control in your windows system tray


If that does not work, I suggest opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com, our support team will take care of you.

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Corsair Albert,


ive done that and still no luck, so i made a ticket in support, must be something you guys can do on the forums, lot off people have the problem


You will have to be patient and wait for our support team to reach back out to you and help you out at this point since it will require a replacement of the USB adapter.

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  • Corsair Employees
I have tried doing the solution. Changing the driver I've tried rolling it back it is not working. Once you have done the process and restarted your computer nothing changes. It still says Conexant usb audio.


Please open a ticket at https://help.corsair.com, our support team will take care of you.

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Hi, i literally just figured out the reason why the HS60 PRO surround headset does this... i saw in your manual it says to activate 7.1 surround, you need a usb port 2.0 or stronger, and it MUST be plugged in the right usb port (SS) sign next to the port in order for the dongel/headset to get the right amount of power it needs. If you plug it in the wrong usb port, or a port that isnt 2.0 and stronger, it will start to fail and randomly disconnect from time to time and then thats when you get the conexant audio problems, using the normal 3.5mm aux port wont cause this problem if you do it from the start, but then you wont have 7.1 ... so yeah, i had to get a new replacement because of this.. when it happens theres nothing you can do unless you lucky with the driver reset and install because that didnt work for me. So when you get a new replacement, first install rhe ICUe software, then after its done, restart your pc/laptop, and then when it starts, you will see the software startup with your pc and then thats when you plug your headset dongle *in the right USB port* and then everything will work like gucci. Good luck guys, the software will also pick up the headset immediately.


Also, Corsair, im really really impressed with this headset for the price! Like really f##ckn impressed. Sound quality is damn good and it can go so so loud, love it!

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It fixed my conexant usb audio driver issue, but my headset still doesn't show up in ICUE sadly, even after restart and update, any ideas on how to fix this?


You can contact support and have them send you a replacement dongle, once it's replaced the headset should appear in iCUE,


Attempt to repair the iCUE software, to see if the device is recognized.


Control Panel

Programs and Features

Right Click the iCUE software

Select Repair

Restart computer



Contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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tried all fixes repaired icue software deleted old drivers got new, even tried selecting the driver for another corsair headset (fixed it half no surround no mic...) but no cracky sound still nothing trying for hours now.... 

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