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460x RGB Question


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I have this case and I'm looking for a way to integrate the 3 front fans (SP120) with my other component RGB. I'd prefer to plug them into the RGB header on my motherboard. It seems like this should not be as difficult as it's proving to be, but maybe it's just not possible without some sort of custom mod. At the moment, I'm using Aura to control the GPU, MB, and Cooler. I'd prefer to continue to use that, if possible. I don't mind investing a couple bucks, but I don't need to put in >$100 to do it.
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I would take a look at this site and see if any of their adapters work for you https://piratedog.tech/, standard I believe it's only possible for Icue to control some of the asus motherboard bits with the plugin, but not asus accessories and asus can't control anything from corsair by default.


Asus Icue intregation: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041797351-Set-up-ASUS-Motherboard-integration-in-iCUE

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