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QL and LL not lighting up

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I have 3 QL120 and 3 LL120 I found out you cannot have these connected to the same rgb lighting node so I installed two lighting node cores and put LL in one and QL in other, just booted up for first time and rgb isn’t on, will they work once I go into icue app and set them or is it an error I’ve made wiring them up.
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First you will need to do the "Lighting Setup". You must tell each controller what fan type and how many so it can generate the proper number of LEDs. The original LNP may already be set for this. The new Lighting Node Core will not. "LL fans x 3" and "QL Fans x 3". This will then generate the UI elements you need to set the lighting below.


Go to the lighting effects tab and see. The default is no software effect. Press + to add one.

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