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Ql140s only running 800rpm on extreme

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Hi all.

Just installed the h150i elite capellix and I have got an extra 2 ql140s for top of the case.

They're connected to the rgb hub that came with the AIO


When I set the fans to extreme the 3 on the AIO spin to full speed but the 2 QL140s seem to top out around 800 rpm ish.


Is there an issue here?



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Even if you are fine using the three presets, my general advice for everyone is to turn them into custom curves so you can see the data points. Performance Tab + to create the new curve. Top right corner of the graph are three shape tools that correspond to the Quiet/Balanced/Extreme, except now you can see the data points... and also modify them as needed.


You also can selectively apply them to just radiator fans or all of them. The control base is RPM, so the max speed of the fan should not matter. If the temp is 32C=900 rpm, then all fans should run 900 rpm whether or not its a 1400 rpm or 2400 rpm max. Still some standard behaviors on the Com Core that are not fully understood.

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