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Commander Pro Stopped Working


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I finished building a gaming rig yesterday and topped it off with a Corsair Hydro X kit. I ran a 24 hour leak test, and during this everything plugged into the Commander Pro worked fine (pump, fans, and lights).


I plugged the power supply into the motherboard, started up the PC, fixed the ASUS CPU fan message, and hit "save and exit." The PC restarted and I was about to load windows, but the pump, lights, and fans shut off. :wtfman:


I trouble shot the issue by placing the bios back into the default configuration; nothing came back on. Deep down I knew it was the Commander Pro since only the things connected to it stopped working, so I plugged one fan at a time directly into the motherboard. They worked. Finally, I disconnected the motherboard from the PSU, reattached the 24pin jumper bridge, and attempted another leak test to remove the motherboard from the equation. Nada. :brick::brick::brick:


I ordered another Commander Pro from Amazon and it'll be here Wednesday, but I really feel like I'm missing something. A bios thing, ASUS motherboard compatibility issues, voodoo, magic... I don't know. Any input would be appreciated.

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