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How to make my corsair mouse a boring, normal mouse


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Hi everyone!


So my friend gave me a new keyboard and mouse for xmas, which is lovely, and it happens to be a Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse.

My problem is that I only wanted a basic mouse for desktop usage, and absolutely do not need or care about any of the special features, but disabling them has proven a challenge.


The mouse looks sturdy and ergonomic, though, and I don't want to pain my friend, so if possible I'd like to keep it. But without all the extra features.


What's the best way to turn the mouse into a basic, boring USB mouse?


I do not want the stroboscopic lights, I do not want the extra buttons that I click by mistake all the time, and the constant changes of pointer speed are driving me crazy (although this might be a Win10 bug, but this never happened to me with any other mouse).


I did manage to turn off the lighting most of the time using ICUE, but it still comes back randomly, even when the computer is off (and having a 1.5gb app in the background at all times just to make a USB mouse work doesn't seem like the best use of computer resources to me).


Help, please? :(:

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Hi Crounch,


Disabling buttons is done in the actions tab in iCUE for your mouse.


Having the mouse's LED lights stay off would be under the Hardware Lightings tab in iCUE. You can click the + button to create a new layer, select static lighting, and set the R, G and B values to 0. Try this and let me know if that works for you.

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