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lost cap of flashvoyager

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looks like im not having too much luck lately. i got my brand new flash voyager on FRIDAY afternoon, and i loved it. not so much the protective cap for the usb connector. on SATURDAY i misplaced it twice, but was lucky enough to find it again. but on SUNDAY morning i removed the cap and connected the flash voyager. later, i was unable to find the little guy. i've searched my entire room like 5 times and each and every room in my house too, but no success.

the real purpose of this thread is to ask whether it would be possible to order extra caps so my usb connector doesnt get dirty or something. it would be really helpful if they could ship to mexico, because i don't go to the u.s. too often (every 3 months or so, and just went)

i would try and make some modifications to the cap to allow it to have like a little string attached to the flash voyager itself so i wont lose it again...

i would contact corsair directly when im sure this is possible

thanks a lot for help!

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