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[ICue] Colors on the AIO aren't the ones displayed on the software


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Hey there !

New to the forum, and I need some help.


So, I have multiple Corsair RGB products to simplify my life with ICue and everything worked fine for 3 weeks (my setup is 3 weeks old) til yesterday.

I don't know why my AIO do that but I do select my custom RGB lighting profile (which was used to work), ICue show me that my AIO is currently purple (color I chose) but in the case, the AIO is actually rainbow.

No matter what I do (refresh, reboot, changing profile, instant lighting...) the AIO (with the 2 fans) still stay rainbow. The rest (case, fan, keyboard, RAM) are fine and follow ICue commands though...


If you have any idea of why my AIO do that, that would be awesome!



NB: I disabled setting that could change the lighting such as SDK


EDIT : Solution : run a repair install of ICue

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OK, obviously not color shift.


1) Run a repair install of CUE. Windows Apps -> Modify. Follow the prompts for the repair. This a quick and painless attempt to remedy weird issues like this. It will not erase your profiles or settings, but it also may not work.


2) Firmware forced update - This screams locked/frozen lighting controller to me and there was a surge of these a few months back for Platinum owners. Origin unknown. Flashing the firmware was the cure for most. Locked fan speeds were more common than the locked lighting controller. That is a major irritant and needed to be resolved immediately. With just the lighting control lost, you have the option of being more patient. A firmware flash is not 100% risk free, especially if the device is already showing signs of trouble. If you want to contact Corsair Support through the ticket system and wait for them to give you the same instructions, you can. That also covers you should the force update not go as planned. You were following their instructions.


I don't know of any other factors. Competing RGB software does not usually affect the AIOs, where the RAM is the most frequent victim. Nevertheless, if you are running Fusion, try force quitting from the Task Manager, then go to CUE setting and click 'Restart Service'. See if control returns.

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