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H150i Pro XT vs H150i Elite Capellix


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The Elite series coolers are the successor the to the Platinum/XT line. Generally speaking, you don't see large cooling differences between a radiator of size X with the same fans at the same speed compared to another. However, several users have mentioned better performance moving to the Elite from a XT/Platinum model.


More notable will be physical differences with the Elite coolers using a swappable OLED pump face plate. That change necessitates moving the internal fan/lighting controller to become an external one. This serves as a bonus and you now get a 6 port PWM fan/lighting controller (Commander Core). The XT has an internal fan controller, but no lighting controller and no RGB fans. The Elite series come with a new 8 LED ML-RGB variation. Originally when the Elite first launched, the XT coolers were selling for about $10 less which made the choice extremely one side in favor of the Elite. If you don't have any RGB aspirations and the price is sufficiently lower, the XT could still be a good choice.

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