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Advice for a i7-7700k


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I'm looking for advice about an issue I'm having. My rig is a 2018 Corsair One Pro i7-7700k. It was used sporadically until Quarantine.


I can't tell if the thermal paste has gone bad or if the GPU is failing but the computer will freeze generally with artifacting (Example here) well below it's rated thermal temps. It will fail at 60c and if I've read correctly I shouldn't be concerned until 80c+.


So my question is, is this a thermal paste issue and should I reapply paste? or is this symptomatic of a failing Graphics card?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Mint,


Thanks for the reply. (you as well Zguy).


I did give a ring to them but given the age of the unit they couldn't do much for me (Warranty and all that fun stuff). They did, however, give me information on re-pasting the unit.


I also found out the top case fan was underperforming so I replaced that as well.


I repasted the gpu today and thus far I've seen a drop in temperatures by 14c This is VERY early in my monitoring process but the temps are thus far stable. If you don't hear from me further I believe you can imagine it was a solid fix.

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