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Consistent issues across all Corsair devices

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Hello all, i'm new to the forum and i'm hoping someone can help me out as corsair will not respond.


I have a total of about 8 wireless and wired corsair devices and have had consistent issues with all of them across the board - the hardware is great, which is why i continue to purchase. I'm at the point now where i'm ready to trash everything unless it can be made useable to at least some extent. Here is what i'm experiencing:


Example 1: i have a wireless corsair K57 keyboard. It worked fine on my old pc only as a keyboard, i gave up on trying macros, lighting, etc. On the new build it will not pair wirelessly and prompts me to install the already installed dongle. I've verified usb functionality as well confirmed it still works wirelessly on my old pc. It must be some sort of software issue, but i cant figure it out.


Example 2: I have a wireless RGB Ironclaw mouse that will not work consistently at all (and never has). It consistenly reverts to stock DPI, alternating RGB, button programming doesnt work, etc. It also will only execute a portion of a programmed action quite constantly. If say i set a "while pressed" action it will initially complete that action while pressed but later will execute the action which then cannot be stopped. I'm literally just trying to press a key via the mouse.


Example 3: I have a wired corsair nightsword RGB i tried changing the static color on. It then constantly switched between two colors at undefined increments of time. Even after clearing the onboard profiles the new profiles wont stick. It also will not consistently launch programs as the buttons are programmed.


I'm hoping i've just missed something in the software, but paying 100$ for a wireless device to not even work wirelessly is frustrating to say the least. for work i use a comporable wired set of corsair devices on a different computer that all face the same issues. Is the software just that bad?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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