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M65 Pro only allowing 3 profiles

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I have the following Corsair products in iCue.

  1. K95
  2. Dark Core (turned off in the screenshot)
  3. M65 Pro
  4. Vengeance RGB Pro
  5. Commander Pro (5 fans and a XC7 attached)
  6. Asus mobo integration


For some reason, my M65 is only allowing me 3 DPI profiles. In the screenshot below, two of the profiles are grayed out/disabled. When I cycle through the profiles with the button the mouse, it only goes through 3. What gives? I'm on iCue ver. 3.30.97. I'm running the latest M65 firmware, ver. 3.06.


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My guess is the originally created “default” was made from the Dark Core. It like most every other Corsair mouse has 3 DPI settings. The M65 is the only one with 5. Try creating another DPI profile from within the M65’s DPI tab.


That said, it’s going to hard for anyone to test or replicate this. You are using a 7 month old version of CUE and about 4 months ago the mice got their own individual DPI settings. Behavior has changed so I can’t create your issue even with the same two mice.

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