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Only 15 minutes to cancel order


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Is this for real? I ordered a PSU in the middle of the night then tried to cancel soon after when I realized I would be better off with some more headroom. This is the reply I got when I made a ticket because I couldn't cancel the order. The order still hasn't shipped yet.


Customers only can cancel the order within 15 minutes after the order was placed. Beyond 15 min. window, the order should be returned to process the refund once received.


This is what the website says


If you place an order and the items have not yet been processed for shipping, you can cancel the entire order or individual items online.


If the actual policy is 15 minutes and not before the order has been processed for shipping, why not publish that?

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Following up, order is still not shipped, still not cancelable.


I placed and canceled a new order for the bigger power supply. The status was "BOOKED" when I canceled it, the same exact status as the order I couldn't cancel when I tried to.


The advertised cancellation policy is basically false. It has absolutely nothing to do with shipping status.

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