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Problem with replacing case fan in Crystal 460X

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Hi folks,



I've got a 460X case I bought about a year ago . . . the top front fan started clattering recently so I ordered an SP120 RGB Pro as a replacement. The case came with 3 SP 120 RGB fans installed.


I powered off the system completely, unplugged it, and removed the existing SP 120 fan, then connected the new one in exactly the same positions. (slot one in the RGB controller, system fan 1).


Now only that first fan lights up (just white), and even its colors cannot be controlled via the case buttons. I just have the little three button controller in this case -- do not have the Commander Pro.


Is there a reset somewhere that I am missing? Do I need to reset something in BIOS maybe? Or a button combo to press on the three-button controller?


It makes no sense that everything would break with replacing one fan. The controls on the case (internal and top of the case) do nothing now. I tried disconnecting the new fan and the others still stayed dark. I unplugged them one by one and reconnected them in order . . . still dark.


The fans all seem to be running fine -- I just lost lighting to all but the new one, and it is stuck on white.


EDIT: Ugh. SP120 RGB is a different fan from SP120 RGB Pro, and the Pro one is not compatible with the controller in this case. Would have been nice of Corsair to maybe make the names a little bit more distinct. I unplugged the Pro fan from the RGB controller and moved the #2 fan to #1, #2 to #2 etc. in the RGB controller and now have my original fans working with the controller until I can track down another base SP120 RGB to replace the installed Pro one. They do not appear to be available through regular retail . . . that's extremely annoying, since I have only had this case about a year.




MSI 450B Gaming Plus


AMD 2700X

32 GB Corsair PC 3200 RGB

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