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Mobo with NO argb header

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Question, i have a Asus rog strix B450-F gaming, it has 0 ARGB header.

im wondering how i can use ARGB fans with it.


the fans i have are 3-pin ARGB

can i use lightning pro and a fan hub so connect it all?

i really want to control the lights with software and not a controller.


any advice would be appreciated.



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The problem would be that since your fans are 3 pins and not 4 pin daisy-chained ARGB, they will have to run all in the same setting, no chaining of effects from one fan to the other.

you'd have to get one of these cables for each fan to connect to the hub.

Also, since you can't chose how many LEDs are present you'll have to make do with whatever corsair presets are. There's presets for corsair fan models with fixed LED counts and you can't specify exactly your LED count for effects. There's fans with 4, 8, 12, 16 LEDs etc.. if yours have 7, 9, 10 LEDs for example, you'll have to be happy with effects that almost loop.

Basically, it's made for Corsair ecosystem. Everything else is workarounds. Can be done, not ideal.


For non corsair RGB, maybe have a look at Aquacomputer's Farbwerk360

Effects are still run in parallel, you'd need an ARGB splitter to connect your fans, or split them between the 4 outputs, depending on how many you have.

You can select exactly the number of LEDs per channel, the connexions are 3 pin ARGB so you only use standard cables and splitters. Also the controller runs any effect you set even with the software closed if you desire. But even 1n the background, it takes almost no resource to run.

But you have only 4 presets (iCUE has no limit)


There's also a controller from Asus, but Armoury crate is almost as bad as iCUE on CPU resources, and it's way overpriced.

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