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H115i Only displays some colors, and they're usually wrong

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Been battling an issue for the last few months where my H115i will either only display red, or will let me choose a few other colors in iCUE, but they often don't match what's chosen, and some colors won't display at all.


I have a few other Corsair peripherals and they all display correctly in iCUE (and visually); including keyboard, mouse, and some case fans. The fans on the H115i also display correctly, so its just the CPU block that is having the issue with colors. I do have other RBG components that aren't Corsair as well, and I have attempted to remedy the situation by testing the H115i with the other software uninstalled (Aorus engine, Razer Synapse, Dragon Center, Trident Z Skills lighting).


Anyway, here are some examples. When I display rainbow, some colors don't appear (ie - yellow). When I choose static colors in iCUE, again the fans are okay, but the heatblock shows these colors. The first is what I select in iCUE, the second = what is actually showing on the heatblock.


red = red

green = green

yellow = red

white = red

pink = red

Aqua = green

Dark blue = dark blue (but its not bright like the other colors)


I can also get it to display orange, but only when I manually select a certain shade of green. The fans display green when I do this.


I've reinstalled iCUE, flashed the firmware, have the latest USB drivers, etc, etc, etc.


Is there like a reset button on the heatblock where I can maybe hard reset the block?


Anyway, if anyone has an ideas, shoot.



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You did a reset when you flashed the firmware. If that did not help, the problem may be physical. I do not think you are looking at a software conflict. The result there is usually lack of control or random corruption, not specific and repeatable color change. My educated guess is some of the blue LEDs are staring or have already failed. I can't remember the LED/config on the GTX/v2 models, but it is going to be a relatively low LED count so any off LED is going to have a noticeable effect.


You can contact Corsair Support. I am not sure if you are still in your warranty period or not. It also is not the most fatal of errors, so you can continue on with an eye toward something else in the future.

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Thanks... I can cycle through almost all colors (except white). The tell for me is that I can get the block to go bright red and bright green, but if I set it to white, I only get red. If the LEDs were dying, I would still expect the red/green LEDs to make a different color. Its almost as if the block is miscalibrated from the colors selected in the software. For example, I can make the block display yellow, but only when I've set the color dial to a certain shade of green (and the fans are displaying that same shade of green. If I can't figure out a doftware glitch, I'll RMA it and see if that solves it.



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