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audio cable not working and jack messed up

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I just bought the standard Virtuoso. The audio cable seems not to work at all! It doesn't work with the Virtuoso and it doesn't work with my previous logitech G633 headset.


In addition the jack on the Virtuoso seems messed up. The cable doesn't insert all the way, it's not flush with the headset, i.e. you can still see silver on the jack. The jack also makes a scratchy noise while inserting it, which sounds wrong.


If I try another audio cable with the headset it can work but the sound is very messed up. The voice sounds warbled and it sounds like the singer's voice is in the background.


Hoping you can help because we've spent a lot of money importing this headset from the UK (I'm based in Kenya). It's not easy or cost effective for me to return it.

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