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RGB Fans Not Lighting???


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Hey everyone. I'm really new to this and I've searched and searched and can't figure it out.


I just did a new build... I have the Corsair 4000X in black which came with 3 front fans and I also installed the H100i Platinum RGB cooler on my CPU and installed an ML fan in the rear for exhaust. I plugged all of my fans into the included RGB hub as directed and plugged the hub into the pro connector on channel 1. The pro connector is then plugged into the motherboard via the USB header...


I cannot get any fans to work in the software other than the case fans that were included with the case. I selected 6 fans and chose ML (I also tried pretty much every other fan option but no luck). Do I need to get another RGB Hub and plug the other fans into hub 2??? The only thing I can think of is that the 3 I installed are ML and the ones included with the case are something slightly different and they can't share a hub for some reason. :(


This is my first RGB build and I appreciate any help I can get! It's driving me crazy.

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Hi buddy.


so... This is prob down to the 3 fans in the front being SP elite and the rest not being SP elite . Yet to get any of them my self so can not confirm the status of mixing these with other fans. if that is the case. then yes another RGB Fan LED Hub or Lighting Node core would be the next move.. sorry i have no further info buddy :(..


might be worth reading my faq if you go down the 2nd hub route for diagrams etc :)



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