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I just updated to the latest iCUe version and I've noticed that the current monitoring for input and output volatage etc is not working, what I mean is the real time input and output voltage is just steady. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it worked but only in the beginning, now it's back to a steady mode. Is there any fix for this?
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Same here. Flat lines as far as monitoring is concerned. :\


Actually, I've just registered to post the problems I've encountered so far regarding AX1600i.



1. Monitoring - already mentioned. Maybe it can be fixed in a future version, maybe not. No idea if it's down to the USB stack in the various Windows implementations (mine is Win 10 64-bit Build 1909) or maybe the USB cable that comes with the ps or whatnot.


Personally, I have a ton of devices and software installed - so it could be anything. :\ For instance I do have a UPS as well (CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD) and that comes with its own software (PowerPanel Personal Edition) as well as a relevant service running. Stopped the service, changed it to Manual and rebooted, but didn't see any change unfortunately. :\


Also, I do have various sys monitoring/info tools installed (Aida64, HWInfo x64 etc), however I don't see any of them running in the background or something... therefore don't think the problem is due to any of them.



2. My system would not shut down at all after installing the ps. :\ I figured the first thing I had to do was to maybe try killing the 3 Corsair processes and see if that would make a difference.


Ha! It did! So, in order to have a working system I've sort of had to improvise - that is, create startup & shutdown batch files to start and stop the services respectively.


Any help with the monitoring problem would be appreciated though. The ps may be state-of-the-art as far as hardware goes, but the software leaves a lot to be desired. There was no need imho to integrate it with iCUE, the lighting and all the other fancy stuff. Pretty bad software design too with space wasted in the main window, if you ask me. Don't understand the purpose of that Dashboard either. :\


All I want personally, is decent functionality with the minimum hassle possible. In other words, a small window which would launch with a right click at the relevant icon in the RHS of the taskbar, would suffice. All we want to see basically is voltages, temp and fan speed... in large part. The rest is fancy looking albeit irrelevant info - again imho.



Thanks for listening and it would be really handy if Corsair tech chimes in to clue us in.



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Shh! Don't let corsair here this, but I am a fan of iCEU but at the same time I don't let it automatically update. If necessary I block it in the firewall. The reason is pretty simple, if it works, DON'T FIX IT! And if it doesn't work then just find and go back to the previous version. Corsair are terrible for releasing bugged versions of iCEU.
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