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Newbie ASUS A8V Deluxe Rev 2 + VS512MB400


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Hey RamGuy,


I recently bought the Value Select 1 GIgabyte kit and I was wondering if this is dual channel or not? As its value I dont really expect it to be, but would be great if it was, also if this was not a dual channel set of ram then what order do I stick my ram in as it is different for Dual Channel and Different Modules isnt it?


Sorry if its a bit obvious I'm building my first PC so just want to know more ;)


Thanks for your time,




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Dual channnel is a function of the memory controller not the DDR ram. If a motherboard supports running your ram in dual channel mode then the kit will run in dual channel, just be sure to put them in the correct slots for dual channel functionality according to your motherboard manual's instructions.
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