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iCUE Shuts off all lights on K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile when running


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So, the iCUE software appears to be forcing my lighting to shut down at all times when it's open. I recently purchased the Corsair Virtuoso SE headphones, which require iCUE to run to use 7.1 surround sound and equalizer settings. However, running iCUE causes all lights on my keyboard to shut off. Cycling profiles does nothing. If I shut iCUE off, all of my profiles come back from the onboard memory of the keyboard and work just fine.


However, shutting iCUE off removes all of the features from my headset that I bought it for. But, when I leave it running, it breaks my keyboard settings.


Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?


EDIT: After getting frustrated after spending a long time on this and posting this, I might have solved my own problem literally minutes after I posted this... iCUE seems to shut off "hardware lighting" settings when iCUE is running and defaults to "lighting effects" which I had blank, so if I copy all my settings in hardware lighting over to lighting effects, it fixes the problem by mirroring what it was supposed to do. It appears "Hardware lighting" only works when you're not running iCUE


Hopefully this solves the problem for others googling the issue.

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Hardware lighting and Hardware Actions are those saved to the device and only in use when CUE is not running. That includes boot and shutdown.


When CUE is running you are in software mode. The normal lighting and actions tabs apply.


There are limits to size and complexity for profiles saved to the device. That necessitates a separate set of rules that are written into those Hardware sections of the program. The software aided lighting/actions are considerably more expansive.

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