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AIO cooling on the maximus xii formula

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hello guys,

i need some help. i accidentally bought a rog formular maximus xii and a corsair h115 watercooling.

now i have the problem that the 3 pin connector from the pump(its the thing sitting on the cpu?) dont fit in any of the connectors on the mainboard. Asus says that the board should support aio coolings. can you guys help me and tell me where do i have to put the. 3 pin conncetor into?

during start the mainboard says that there is no cpu fan.

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The 3 pin connector is actually just 1 wire (the tachometer) reporting to the MB. This is not useful on the GTX/v2 series coolers and the corrected value will be in CUE/Link.


However, it has a secondary purpose. It will notify you if the MB does not get a signal response back from the device, like if the pump did not start or if it is unresponsive in another way.


The H115i is SATA powered and does not get power down that connector. From the pump/AIO side, the connector can go anywhere or nowhere. It does not affect operation. However, if the MB is throwing up the CPU fan error and you DO have the tach connector on CPU_FAN, then there may be a problem. Check the BIOS to see if a pump speed is reported. If the pump is not running, you will see CPU temp start skipping up the range 45..50..55..60....80..90... and you will shutdown. If the CPU temp is holding at normal levels, then the pump is working and you should try the steps below.


1) If already connected to CPU fan, remove the plug and reconnect it. See if this helps. If not, go to the BIOS. Press F7 (if needed) to go to the Advanced BIOS. Move over to the Monitoring column. Go down about 10-15 places until you see the CPU_FAN speed report. It likely says 0 rpm. Select and choose "ignore". This disables the CPU boot error warning system.


2) Now boot up normally. Immediately go to CUE/Link and verify the cooler is detected and the CPU and coolant temperature are OK.


All of this could happen if you simply bend the tach wire and it can't pass signal to the MB. However, it is also the warning system for a serious problem.

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Ok, thanks for the reply.


I plugged the 3 pin connector into the plug that is shown on the website of the board for the aio pump. The pump speed is gettin reported to the mainboard. I can see it into the bios. Its about 4300 RPM. But the fans are spinning very "slow" in my opinion.

After I switched to the monitoring tab, I searched for the CPU fan speed. I found it but it only shows, an after 5 seconds always changing, cpu fan speed under "optimal fan speed" and not one tab above "cpu fan". There is just written "N/A".

Had installed windows very quick. And now im installing the Corsair software. The cpu temperature is very slow going from 26 celcius to 31 celsius (after 10 minutes) so i think that the cpu isnt geeting cooled enough.

Just for my understanding. The two fans are need to be connected to the wires coming from the pump, correct?

then, the 3 pin goes somewhere to the mainboard and the usb plug needs to be connected to the mainboard. So and if the mainboard isnt able to control the fan speed, the corsair software will do it after installing it in windows is it correct?

Because I think about to change the board to the z490 e gaming... additionally im about to change the water cooling in suspicion that it has a malfunction or something. But please tell me that i plugged everything correct and that the fan speed can be controlled by the windows software for my h115i

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1) If you use W_Pump or AIO_Pump, then you must either disable the CPU fan boot protection or put a fan on CPU fan. There really is no need to do either. There is zero benefit to using W_Pump or AIO Pump. These are Chassis fan headers that are set to 100% maximum by default and thus making them fairly useless for most people. Really only helpful for the old single 120mm AIO and single fan set-up.



The cpu temperature is very slow going from 26 celcius to 31 celsius (after 10 minutes) so i think that the cpu isnt geeting cooled enough.


2) Are you referring to CPU temperature or coolant temperature? Either way, this is normal. The system is slowly heating up as all system elements add heat into the ambient environment.


3) Fan speed is controlled through the CUE software. Pump speed as well. 2 fixed presets on the H115i. The Quiet/Balanced/Extreme presets have one meaning for fan speed and one for pump speed.


4) On your next motherboard, the set-up will be the same. 1 wire (false 3 pin connector) to CPU fan. USB to MB. Fan PWM wires to pump splitter. Fan and pump speed from CUE software.

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