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Help - H100i Platinum not showing fan speeds in iCue

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I have recently installed a CoPro and a rgb hub and have a couple of issues.


Firstly, when I open up iCue and select my H100i the fan speeds are no longer showing, they were before I installed the CoPro. If I select the CoPro I can see the fan speeds in here. I have changed the bios settings under Q fan to 100%.


Secondly, I now have two unused 4pin cables coming out of the h100 pump, is it ok just tie these away?


Thirdly, the fans ramp up every 30 or so seconds even on the preset quiet mode, do I need to now create custom fan curves to resolve this?


This is probably a simple fix, but I've never used a CoPro and RGB hub before so its all new to me. So may need the explanations dumbing down a bit.


Cheers in advance!

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1) Qfan settings for the Platinum and Commander are not relevant. Both get their power from the SATA connector. You might still disable the CPU fan header for the tachometer wire, only to prevent your MB from trying tune this header if you run a BIOS or software fan program. Given you are using the Commander, that is not likely an issue.


2) You should put the two radiator fan PWM wires back on the Platinum's controller. There is no reason to run them from the Commander and it does not have any advantages. It has the distinct disadvantage of separating the fans from their native sensor inside the AIO. Now you must have the software running in order for the fans to react to the coolant temperature. The Commander can read that value, but only when the software is running. You still have full control over the fans in the AIO Performance tab when connected to the pump fan cables.


3) The Commander Pro defaults to reading CPU temperature out of the box. Those three Quiet/balanced/extreme presets do not mean the same thing as for the AIO curve and you want to stop using them immediately.


Performance Tab + creates a new custom curve. Graph appears below. Go to the upper right corner of the graph and pick one of the three shape tools. Those curves correspond to the AIO preset curves. Pick the left one (Quiet) and adjust the points as you see fit. But first you need to make a sensor choice. H100i Platinum Temp (coolant temperature) is a good choice for other case fans to match speeds with the radiator. Other options are GPU temp or motherboard temp. The shape tools correspond to coolant temp, so you will need to move points to match the range of the chosen variable.


4) Don't forget to apply the new fan curve to your fans. Left click on the new curve. It should highlight yellow. Then click all the fans on the right that you want to run that program. They should each ring yellow as you select them.

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Thanks for the quick reply!


I have now disconnected the two radiator PWM fans from the CoPro and connected them back the the H100i's controller. However I have now lost the RGB function of the fans. They are still connected the my RGB hub. Should I disconnect them from the RGB hub and wire them back into the H100i?


Or do I now just control the RGB through the CoPro?

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No, leave the RGB on the Hub with your other fans. This will keep them grouped with your other case RGB fans. The pump RGB will still be set through the AIO panel.


If you don't have any other RGB fans in the system besides the H100i pair, then you can move them back to the Platinum RGB controller. There is no difference in lighting capability for them between the two controllers.


The RGB and speed control functions are completely separate, hence the two wires on each fan. You can run them to separate controllers. The goal here is to get the speed control back on the native AIO controller so it will always work, regardless of circumstances. The RGB are more flexible and you can put those where you like to best suit the overall goal.

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