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ASUS Motherboard Temp and Fans not showing correctly


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I recently bought a icue Nexus with the intent to show some system stats while gaming.


This is my System:

Ryzen 7 5800x

Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus



First of all it's kinda sad, that we cannot display CPU Temps directly only CPU load. While it is possible to do that with the GPU.


This wouldn't be a problem if could at least use the sensors of the board properly.

But, here is my Problem:

HWINFO64 shows about 9 different temps and 5 fans all neatly labelled with what they actually measure. ICUE (on the nexus and on the dashboard) show even more temps and fans but they are unlabelled. Since there is an option to label them yourself, that's not an issue.

My problem is, that ICUE seems to forget which temp or which fan is which. I.E. "Fan#1" in ICUE corresponds to "CPU Package" in hwinfo but after a while mostly after the PC went to sleep mode. This seem to have changed and "CPU Package" corresponds now with "Fan 10" or something.

On top of that, I ordered an Commander Pro to control my fans. But now i'm hesitating when temp aren't read correctly.


Is there a solution to this Problem?




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