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K60 RGB PRO SE Keeps changing to Red LED

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Hey guys so I just recently picked this keyboard up and I've been having some issues with the lighting. I downloaded the ICUE software and set my lighting setting, and hardware setting to a solid blue color. I thought it was working fine but I've noticed that after a few starts ups the keyboard changes to a red color which Im assuming is default?


I can sometimes fix this in ICUE by updating the software and firmware. But that doesn't always seem to work. Like at this moment I tried to force update the firmware since I was already on the latest version, and the color changed back to blue for a split second, and then back to red after it finished the update.


I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have the settings set to where ICUE runs at start up. Once it changes to red I can't change the color on the color wheel or change the effect, clicking on it doesn't do anything. I've already tried to uninstall and re install the program and encountered the same problem. Is there something super obvious that I'm missing here? Any help is appreciated.

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Hello there,


First, we sincerely apologize for any delay you experienced due to extraordinary holiday support/service request volume.


Try setting up the lighting in "Lighting Effects' rather than "Hardware Lighting" -- these are the effects that take priority when you have iCUE running -- hardware lighting is for when iCUE is shut down, or on a system that may not have it installed (like a work computer).

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