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I have icue H150i Elite Capellix cooler! First why does the ml rgb fan on the cooler not the same as on the fan (on the website) and can you order those fan that is on the cooler! Second what rgb fan will give me the !!best!! air flow and !!looks!! for my obsidian 1000d i already have three LL120 rgb and did not know about QL120 rgb fan. I will be upgrading my motherboard Sabertooth 990 fx v2.0 and add a second motherboard to it but I won't most of the cooling fans first the add the rest. Will be asking more question later for others things.


Thank You

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The ML-RGB Pro you see sold at retail is the original model with 4 center mounted LEDs. What comes with the Elite coolers is a new upgraded version with 8 center mounted LEDs. I would expect that model we are calling "ML Elite" to replace the 4 LED Pro version, but this is kind of bad year for manufacturing. Have to think things hit a snag and we are still waiting for a retail version.


RGB aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder. Take a look at videos to seem them in action. Most people gravitate to the LL/QL with diffuser rings. You have 3 LL already, so that is a start. However, you are going to want to commit to one type or another, or at least in groups. You will need a lot of fans for the 1000D. Each RGB controller maxes out at 6 fans. You really only want to use 1 type of fan per controller. You have enough need you could run 6 of one type and 6 of another. Whether that is viable or desirable depends on the situation.


For performance, the ML series is always going to be better on a radiator with its wide, flat blades. The HD/LL/QL are a multi-purpose fan with medium rake and a medium number of blades. Can be used on a radiator. Can be used as quiet case fans. The larger your radiator, the less the fans will matter. For a single panel 120mm radiator, fan choice makes a measurable difference.


See Zotty's RGB guide below. He also has some links and a great deal of information for 1000D owners.


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I order 6 of the LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop White RGB LED PWM Fan with Fan Airflow 63 CFM and Static Pressure 3.0 mm-H2O too replace some of the fans (which i have already 16 fan in all only three case is rgb and three ml series on the cooler the rest is case fan, thoes series seem to be the best for both radiator and case. I will be replacing all the other fans with these. Hope they will be selling the ml series that are on the cooler so i can replace the fans for push and pull on the cooler. Also thank you for the picture of how you have your setup it is a big help.
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