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HS70 Bluetooth: Max. Volume with Bluetooth way too low

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I can proudly report that I got the HS70 Bluetooth headhones today. Pretty good when thinking about the price and a truly clear microphone.


But, you are guessing right, there is one thing that is a huge drawback for me. When connecting the headhone to my Android smartphone via bluetooth, the maximum volume is just too low. Compared with two other bluetooth head-/earhones, it is roughly around only 2/3 loud when turning to maximum. One of the compared headhones uses Qualcom aptx the other one APTx-HD. But even when I set all three headhones to SBC the effect remains.


Would it be possible to launch a new firmware that takes a bit more juice from the battery to increase the max. volume? Or is there even another way (but please no pre-amp apps on the mobile).


Would be glad, if you have an idea.





PS: When connecting the HS 70 BT to my PC via USB, I can increase the volume really loud, which is then even for me too loud (and I can take a lot :biggrin:). So it tells me, the earphone can do.


PPS: Forgot to mention that my smartphone uses Bluetooth 5.1.

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