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Will 6yr old H100i on LGA2011 work on newer LGA 1151?

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Hey all,

Time for an upgrade.

I have a 7yr old H100i running on an Asus Sabertooth X79 w/ i7-4930k with a 2011 socket.

I'm getting ready to jump into a Gen 8 i7-9700k refresh with an Asus LGA 1151 socket.

Will my original H100i work with this chip / m-board combo?

My current rig just needed the standoffs as they screwed into the board.


I know I'll need a backplate and possibly new standoffs. Will I need a new bracket also?

The currently for sale H100i says it will fit socket 1151.

Just wondering if I can salvage the old one because there's nothing wrong with it.


If so, any help with parts needed / who sells them / would be greatly appreciated.

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You will need a bracket kit if you don't have the original. 115x sockets don't have a fixed backplate. The one you want is below. You may have better luck finding it on the open market, but you need to be really careful on names. The H100i "GTX/v2" series that replaced the 2013 H100i will not have the same bracket, nor will the Pro series that came after that. A lot of listings are "incomplete" and use the H100i term without qualification.



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My H100 only came with 2 brackets.

I have all the original parts.

Does the cooler / pump on the newer models have the same dimensions?

From looking at pictures of the 1151, it looks like the holes for the backplate are spaced farther apart than the bracket I have installed on the 2011 unless I'm seeing things.


If the holes are the same pattern and my bracket is the same dimension as the newer brackets then I would just need to find a backplate correct?

I still have everything in the link you sent me other than the backplate.





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There are slots in the bracket for 115x that allow the mounting posts/thumbscrews to move a bit in/out for the various external socket dimensions.


The backplate is the item on the right side of the picture in the Corsair link above. That should be in your original kit, along with the mounting posts for 115x.

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I'll go check the box again. Maybe I overlooked it (I wouldn't have thrown it away.)

I know the AMD bracket and the other screws are in there.


So the socket H mount (holes around the processor) for installing cooling since the 1st gen I7 boards is still the same. Good to know.


Thanks for the help.

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