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H100X Not showing up in Corsair Link

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Good evening,

My personal rig I have corsair link working great and it recognizes my H100i v2; although, my sons rig I just built with the H100X will not recognize in corsair link... Has anyone else had any issues with this model not recognizing? I tried google searches on the H100X but the feedback is very vague.

I have verified the pump is working @ 4128rpm in bios and am able to see it in the mobo section of corsair link under the Fan#1 Header. I am unable to control any of the other 5 fan speeds in corsair link when I change from balanced to performance and am only able to set the speeds to full in BIOS or smart mode. On the H100i v2 the settings balanced/performance work. I would love some insight in possibly getting the H100X to recognize properly in corsair link or the ability to set my fan speeds properly per profile.


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