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Corsair H100i Platinum’s cooling block not responding

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Hey guys,


I recently finished putting together a build but there were some issues with the build. Having said that, we changed out the PSU and after that the cooling block’s RGB has stopped working. It’s stuck on a faint red color on the logo and it doesn’t respond with any changes in iCUE.


I’ve checked the BIOS and it seems all the cooling components are functional, and the temps are normally where they are at.


The fan’s lights are also still working.


Any help will be appreciated!


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If you quit CUE (or sign out, restart, etc), does the lighting come back? If yes, do a repair install of CUE using the Modify option in the Windows Apps list. If no, see below.



I think the only thing you can do on your end is force update the firmware. CUE settings -> AIO -> Check for updates (it's up to date) -> Force update. The cooler will go off-line during this for 5-10 seconds and the fans should max out. Flashing the firmware is never completely risk free, so if you would rather wait for Corsair Support to instruct you to do this, you can. The lighting won't affect your operation in the meantime. Start a support ticket using the link in the header above.


A more gentle approach would be to flip the PSU switch off and pull the plug for 5 minutes on the next shutdown. That should force it to do an assessment on power up. Most often persistent frozen lighting needs the firmware flash, but this did start with the PSU change so there may be a link to the zero power state.

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CHeck that your sata connection is firmly pressed. Also, what power supply are you using? Does it have 5 wires going to it's SATA connector, or just 4? If there are only 4 that is the problem.


If you could please [submit a ticket](https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000389452), and provide the ticket number once you have it.

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