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Vengeance RGB Pro issues with MSI MPG x570 Gaming Plus

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Hi everyone. I bought two RGB Pro kits, 2x8GB 3600Mhz. Because of lack of stock I had to order the kits from separate shops, and one of them did not list part numbers. Having the same frequency and latencies, I assumed the kits are the same. They are not, part numbers are the following:




MSI QVL only shows the Z model as compatible, and only 2 sticks, not 4. There are other 3600mhz RAM models that work in 4 stick configuration, so I just wanted to try my luck, because I really like the RGB Pros.


Unfortunately, the PC won't POST in 3600MHZ configuration, I tried with AXMP and by manually setting the voltage, frequency and timings. Installing only two sticks works with both part numbers. I managed to get into Windows by setting the RAM at 3200Mhz but as soon as I launch any game I get a BSOD. Also, I tried going for 3444Mhz and 1.4V, Windows and games seem to work, but memtest gives 10000+ errors and stops the testing procedure due to too many errors.


Is there any other solution to this issue, or should I call it a day, return the RAM sticks, install back my 2x16GB 3200MHZ LPX and think about cool RGBs when I find another motherboard?

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I would return them and look for a matched set. You could spend weeks tweaking it to perfection, then a BIOS update shuffles the deck again. Mixing memory kits while aiming for higher clocks usually does not end all that well. At best, it is something in the back of your mind constantly. However, since you got off to a rocky start, I would expect an uphill battle. If you throw some together and it boots but has an occasional crash, you're starting from a good position. I would say this is the opposite.
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