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Issues since updating to 3.36.125


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Hello All...


Has anyone else experienced problems with iCue since updating to this version?


Specifically, my Commander Pro no longer has any settings for my fans. In fact is only has options for the two lighting channels.


I've checked the settings and everything looks ok, firmware is up to date. I've even changed it all back to auto and still nothing...


Any ideas?





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Usually when the Performance tab disappears (UI glitch) it is because CUE has come into conflict with another monitoring program trying to access the Corsair internal devices like the Commander, PSU, AIO, etc. AIDA and HWiNFO are common combatants. They can be set up to work in conjunction, but it takes a little practice. Disabling the monitoring by the other program of those Corsair devices is one way. HWinFO usually prompts you on launch. AIDA is a bit more finicky and even when disabled I still get some garbage values along the way. I can't see the voltages in your screen shot, but mismatched data (12v=3.3v) or other garbage values (0C, 216C, -17C) are also clues.
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