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EVGA 3080 FTW Ultra in a Corsair 500D? Corsair says no, I say Let’s try.


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I was looking for the Asus EK 3080 but this is what I was given. I was worried if it would fit because the Corsair config doesn’t recommend it or offer it with reservoir. But I wanted to give it a try. My dad and I worked it out and redid the whole loop.


corsair thin 360 radiator in the front with 3 ql120 fans. radiator outlets at the bottom.


just believe



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corsair says no because i believe there's no waterblock for the FTW3 cards. but otherwise yea it fits :)

You can still get a waterblock from another manufacturer later on and add the card to your loop, with another radiator.


Forgot to mention that the config doesnt recommend the reservoir is what I was trying to say, only the other pump. Yeah Im thinking about it watercooling it :)

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