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CMD16GX4M4B3200C16-ROG 4x4GB unable to boot at 3200mhz

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Hello guys,


I have for some years these memories that gave me my wife as a gift, but I can not start them with XMP profile ( 3200mhz C16 ), the pc does not boot.

Seeing then on the QVL of my recent motherboard ( Asus Rog B450-E Gaming ), unfortunately, these memories, do not appear on the list, and to make them work without errors, I had to lower the frequency to 2800mhz.

Now i'm using the ram at 2800Mhz 14-13-13-21.

How can I raise the frequency? What values should I change?


Memory model: CMD16GX4M4B3200C16-ROG

Motherdoard: Asus Rog B450-E Gaming


I did a bit of research on the web, and with some manual tweaking in the bios, even the ram memories that do not appear in the QVL list, should work without problems.

Thanks in advance!

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Those are on the QVL for your MB? I was thinking that kit was quite a bit older and predated the AMD 2000 series entirely.


No matter what, you need to get off the "14-13-13-21" settings. I doubt the board is actually running that and was probably forced into another set of values by mathematical error.


If this is the kit referenced by the part number, than the XMP values are 16-18-18-36. You can try setting that manually in the primary timings, then let the board set the lower marks. DRAM voltage 1.35.


If not, try a 14-14-14-31 1.35v for 2800. Not sure where the line is going to be for 2700x. Some of the earlier Ryzen series were very stubborn on RAM frequency.

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