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3 LL120 fans + MSI MAG Core Liquid 360R. Help!


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My specs for the "problem":


Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm 3-pk + Lightning Node Pro

MSI MAG Core Liquid 360R



The whole thing this is about is that I want to sync all the fans, so 3 LL120 and 3 others from MSI. I want to sync the RGB and fan speed/ water pump.


So I'm planning to build a new PC. I know you can sync the LL120 with the lightning pro, but I'm not sure if I can plug the MSI fans into the lightning pro. If not, how do I get all the 6 fans to sync?


Thanks for advice :laughing:

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  • Corsair Employees
The only option you have if you want the RGB to sync between our product and your third-party cooler would be to use each respective products software and set the color to a single static color. You will not be able to control your cooler through the iCUE software, and there is no way to sync our lighting effects with MSI's.
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